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At Aria Digital, we specialise in a whole suite of digital displays and systems to suit almost every business need, and digital scoreboards are no exception. A digital scoreboard is several systems that come together to produce the entire solution. We deploy our reliable Outdoor LED product alongside our state of the art scoreboard software for the most engaging, reliable solution come game day!

At a glance

Better fan experience

LED scoreboards enhance the fan and player experience by providing live scores, player profiles, game statistics, sponsor messages and more.

Quicker return on investment

Along with our cost effective pricing structure our scoreboards offer many exciting ways to include sponsor messages, meaning that you’re able to achieve a positive return on investment, quicker.

Simple software

Our game day software is designed to be easy to use and update meaning anyone at the club can operate the scoreboard. We support just about any sport imaginable. Set up player profiles, game statistics and sponsors messages all from the one app.

Training and Support

At Aria Digital, we trust in the reliability of our scoreboard system, however, should anything happen, all it takes is a simple phone call to our support team and you will be back up and running in no time!

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