LED signage is a popular advertising medium for retails businesses in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart. This style of signage is used for their ability to capture the attention of passers-by and convey advertisements, sales and messages.

Popular use-cases

Engaging video walls

Video walls are a popular choice for retailers wanting something bigger than a single screen. Video walls help to attract shoppers as well as create a brilliant atmosphere.

Stand out LED screens

LED Screens are a great way to showcase your brand in style. WIth the ability to achieve almost any size retailers can get creative in their design. The options for LED is also vast including standard LED through to our more creative options such as Transparent or curved LED.

Social media in store

Get your socials playing in house, companies are investing big into the social world and what’s crazy is that not everyone is displaying this content in store. Socials in store helps Improve engagement, grow followers and keep your store looking fresh.

Interactive touch screens

Engage shoppers even more and let them control their experience by implementing touch screens. Touch screens allow customers to search products, check out different colour options or learn more about a brands story.

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